Calling All Tiger Prawn Lovers!

If you love prawns like some friends I know of (HP for one), then Cha Thai is the best Thai cuisine place in the CBD area you can go to to satisfy your cravings!

Many of their dishes include Tiger Prawns in it so below are a list of them for you to try:

Crispy Prawn Cake ($15)
This was one of our starters and it takes only one bite for you to identify the ingredient in it, that's right, it's none other than tiger prawn meat within it. Flavourful and crisp, it certainly makes a good appetiser and as good appetisers, one piece is never enough. After all, you get to enjoy the prawn meat without peeling off the shells, something we all prefer due to the convenience it offers.

Lemongrass Prawn Salad ($28)

Just one look at this dish and you can see how huge the prawns are. How can you not be happy looking at the size of the prawns? I don't really understand why they call this a salad, perhaps because of the additional toppings to the prawns that give it a spicy and sour taste but the main ingredient is none other than the prawns themselves. Note that this dish is a bit more spicy so for those who can't take spicy, you might want to order another dish.

Signature Tiger Prawn 'Panang' Curry ($28)
Huge prawns again. Only difference being the curry that gives it a milky, creamy flavour and it is not spicy so for those who can't do spicy, this is recommended. Something special to note, there was also lychee within the dish. Definitely something different compared to other Thai cuisine dishes, worth the try in my opinion. 

Pad Thai ($22)
Pad Thai with a huge prawn sitting on top of the dish staring at you. Decide fast because there are only two prawns available in this dish. The pad thai comes with peanut and and bean sprouts neatly arranged lest you decide to leave them out but it is recommended that you mix everything well to enjoy the flavours of this dish.

Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles ($55 for 4 pax)
This is one big claypot of glass noodles. At a glance it may seem daunting but once you taste the glass noodles, you can't get enough of it and don't worry, you don't have to finish it all since it is meant to be shared. These dishes come in sharing portions so everyone gets to try the dish. The glass noodles are really good and fragrant, something you would want to taste even if you might not be able to finish it. 

All the tiger prawns in the dishes are generally quite big, about 30cm or so, so when you examine the prices don't be taken aback. Every cent is well spent with the quality of food being offered. The Thai cuisine here at Cha Thai is no street food but rather, high end quality ingredients are used. For example, meat is sous vide before cooking to ensure that it is tender, while gravy, sauces, drinks are all being prepared from scratch.

Unfortunately prawns are not incorporated into the desserts but you definitely don't want to miss these!

There are a range of desserts for you to choose from in order of top left to right bottom: Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly, Summer Potato (sweet potato), Red Ruby, Emerald Jade (green ruby) and Tropical Paradise (mango sticky rice with ice cream). Besides Tropical Paradise costing $12, all other desserts cost $8. 

Cha Thai
80 Telok Ayer street
#01-01 Singapore 048466
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Who Lives in a Pineapple under the Sea?

Spongebob Square Pants!

On a nice Saturday afternoon at Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, the place was packed with people dressed in yellow. No guesses why because it was the Spongebob Square Pants Run!

Despite the launch of Pokemon GO, people were out ready to run and having lots of fun.

It was the first ever SpongeBob Run in Asia and participants journeyed through the iconic landmarks from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. Think about it, when do you ever get to run along the beaches of Sentosa?

There was a carnival with lots of interesting nautical-themed activities, food and beverages, the perfect place for SpongeBob fans! People were queueing up to take photographs with their favourite Spongebob Square Pants cartoon characters.

It looks like an afternoon well spent at Sentosa for the runners as they were flagged off for their various runs and came back looking all cheery.

There are more and more fun runs like these being organised and it is definitely something to look out for, after all what beats spending an afternoon with friends or family at the beach enjoying some healthy fun and basking in the sun. 

While I was personally not running because I didn't like the idea of getting sand in my shoes and all the hassle of having to clean up after, I am sure that the participants enjoyed their fun run.