Launch of Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures

With an assortment of 10 different tea variants in Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures, you can now quench your palette and indulge in your favourite teas. Each box is retailed at $18.50 (excluding GST), available exclusively on Gryphon Tea Company website. A box of Gryphon Treasures impresses with its 20 delicate silken sachets (two sachets for each variant) from the best-selling Artisan Selection.

Perfect for individuals who are keen to explore a variety of tea flavours or crave a different brew
each day, Gryphon Treasures is definitely the “Treasure” one is searching for. Each box consists of
10 diverse flavours, two variants for each tea type: black, green, white, oolong and rooibos teas.
Enjoy a selection of tea blends ranging from Straits Chai, Contessa Grey, Marrakesh Mint,
Osmanthus Sencha, White Gingerlily, Nymph of the Nile, Lily of the Field, Templetree Lotus,
Mogambo and Tomatino.

Giveaway Opportunity!

From 8 April to 10 April, stand a chance to be the lucky one to walk away with a box of Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures. With 20 boxes up for grabs, simply comment your guess on the 3 new variants that is in the Gryphon New Artisan Treasures on Gryphon Tea Company Facebook Page (

Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures can be purchased here 

Movie Review of 《特工爷爷》, The Bodyguard

So I saw this poster recently and without watching the trailer, I thought why not? Looks like a decent action flick with actors of a certain standing, after all the cast does include Hong Jin Bao, Andy Lau and Eddie Peng among others.

I could never have been more wrong. This poster just lied to you in so many ways. You would assume that there would be special agents with high tech gadgets and they would be sent on missions but no, none of that is happening in this movie.

Here is the trailer:

My verdict: It is an action flick, yes but it is the IP man kind of action scenes. Meaning, fast and furious blows that crack bones and gory scenes where blood is splattered all over. What was really disappointing was that the spotlight was on the lead (Hong Jin Bao) who is kinda boring given that he is an old man with nothing to do and the plot is like so straightforward that it is a no brainer. 

This should have been the official poster
He had a history where he lost his granddaughter and in a turn of events, he made a special connection with a neighbour's daughter and fought his way through tons of bad guys to save her. End of story. Hold on, he didn't actually save her at the end because she didn't exactly needed saving and the bad guy was like killed a few steps ahead of him. I mean what is the point? There are sweet scenes after all this entire movie centred around a special, touching relationship but on the whole the story moved at a slow pace with the exception of the fight scenes which perhaps could have been faster to spare us the goriness.

If you were to watch the movie based on your impression of the poster, be prepared for a let down because the action scenes only involve the lead, not like Hong Jin Bao can be compared with Donnie Yen. No handsome or pretty characters to entertain you. Just power-packed kungfu moves. As for the actors you have been waiting to watch, do note that Andy Lau's role is a small one and Eddie Peng all but makes a guest appearance at the end of the show. All in all, pretty disappointing, at least for me. 

[Media Tasting] Old Boys Gallery, The Chill Out Place

Why do I call it the chill out place? Old Boys is the ideal dinning place because besides your usual Western food menu, they also offer a whole range of drinks. So much that you are bound to be spoilt for choice. On a typical hot weekend afternoon when you can't decide on where to go for brunch or lunch with your friends, having an option of ciders and beers to go along with your food is a bonus yeah?

Look at those bottles!

Ciders! Cheers!
What's new here?

Check out the Bak Kwa Risotto and the Belly Good Burger. 

Bak Kwa Risotto
Bak Kwa Risotto
A fusion dish with the risotto that we know of and the Bak Kwa we Chinese have during CNY, it has a certain fragrance to it. We believe that the risotto itself already has the taste of Bak Kwa and the extra strips of meat are just there to make that more visible. It is a creative dish and well, it might not be the most delicious dish we tasted but hey, if you get bored of eating the usual burgers and pastas, this is a can try, so don't hesitate. 

Next up is the Belly Good Burger. The name sounds familiar huh?

Belly Good Burger
As for this burger it is definitely made of belly, pork belly, something different from the usual beef patties. It is complimented with a generous serving of fries, onion rings, bacon, egg and pineapple. Standard wise, this burger is average and if you would like a burger but don't do beef, now you can have your burger and eat the meat on it too!

Want to share some sides with your friends? The Chilli Beef Fries has my thumbs up.  No one can resist the temptation of having one more. 

Have space for desserts? This Coconut Cake with gula melaka is sedap! It is fragrant and lacks the overly sweet taste to it that fits guys' tastebuds to a T. With this cake you can avoid all the chocolate and sinful cream. Plain and simple just the way we like it.

Coconut Cake with gula melaka
No time to enjoy these good food on a weekend but you are considering what to eat for lunch? Fortunately for you, you can now add Old Boys Gallery to your lunch options! There is a special lunch menu where you can have chicken curry, pan-fried dory fish or chicken cutlet for $10.90 and less and get a soup/salad + drink for an additional $3.90. 

When it comes to enjoying good food with friends, we are all smiles :D 

CK having a great time taking photos of the food!
A flatlay for you? HP is on it!

Old Boys Gallery  
67 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169371