Go on a Virtual Tour on the LST RSS Endurance with Me

So RSS Endurance, the Landing Ship Tank (LST), pennant number 207 was berthed outside Vivo City for exhibition in the previous week. If you are curious, the names and pennant numbers of the other LSTs are listed below:

RSS Resolution 208, RSS Persistence 209, RSS Endeavour 210

For me, I was super happy to go back because I used to be a sailor onboard RSS Resolution and the LST was my second home. I was looking forward to meeting my ex-colleagues and revisiting the ship but this time as a member of the media.

When you board the ship, this is what you should see. The bow of the ship. The sunset ceremony will commence here where the flag will be lowered. There is also a helipad on the ship for helicopters to land. During missions, the deck is kept clear and free from obstacles and for leisure purposes, the crew run around the deck.

As we proceed down the stairs, we will pass this level, the level where cabins are. As you can see there are double and triple decks if you can call it that. Some say that claustrophobic people will not be able to ta han staying onboard a ship. I beg to differ. It's all about getting used to it. Kids have slept before on double decks, so why can't adults? Having cleaned our cabins before, from the sight of this clean cabin, I can visualise all the hard work that has gone into keeping it spick and span. 

Let's proceed to the tank deck. Why is it called the tank deck? It's the bottom most level of the ship and it gets it names because tanks can be stored and strapped down at this level. Here, there is also the well dock. 

Celebrities Ebi, Patricia and Suhaimi pose for a photograph

The well dock is the further end of the tank deck where there are wooden planks. When there are no Fast Craft Utility (FCU) onboard, the well dock is usually not flooded and is dry. During sailing, it can be used as a platform for playing soccer.

See these navy crew here? They are the ones who help to secure the FCUs when they dock. I was one of those helping out with this role during one of the previous Navy open houses. It is by no means an easy job doing it for half a day.

And we commenced on our trip on the FCU. Off we go!

Us posing for a photo onboard the FCU. I like the feel of the wind blowing at us as the FCU sails.

Latin, me (Samuel), Dawn, Zelene (In sequence)

Now to the other levels of the ship. This is the briefing room where we muster for out daily meetings. Here, there is the safety board amongst other boards.

When you see these plaques, you are on the level where the wardroom, the officers country and the gym are located. The wardroom is where the officers entertain important figures and have their meals etc.

Is there a place for the sailors to keep fit? Of course, there's the gym.

Now, we shall proceed to the upper deck. 

This is the bridge. This corner here is our Comms corner, where the Communicators are stationed to report to the officers with regards to communication with the harbour and other ships.

This is the table for the Nav (Navigators) team to do up their charts. 

The crew of every ship have a strong sense of belonging to their ship.

These machinery are mostly operated by the Nav team and supervised by officers.

This is the chair for the Commanding Officer (CO) of the ship. Only during public occasions are civilians allowed to sit on this.

What's this? It's one of our Comms' equipment, a lantern which we use to flash signals to other ships. Yup, that's where morse code comes into play.

Yes, there's also a 0.5 machine gun installed here. During our training days, we had enough fun learning how to use this, so I am not going to touch this.

Hope you have learned more about the LST and find her more interesting now. 

Movie Review of Dragon Blade 天将雄师

Fancy an action packed movie that have to do with war and has some historical significance to it? Then you should check out Dragon Blade. Here's the trailer:

Cast: Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack and Choi Siwon 
Director: Daniel Lee
Release Date: 19/2/2015
Running Time: 127 minutes

The main cast of Dragon Blade were here in Singapore to attend the gala premiere and for movie promotion activities. The cast included Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Choi Siwon, Lin Peng and Wang Ruo Xin. Word has it that they were flown over in Jackie Chan's private planes.

Thanks to Hong Peng, I was able to catch them live in person at the cinema.

Choi Siwon, Wang Ruo Xin, Jackie Chan, John Cusack (In sequence)

One of the cast who everyone can't wait to see, Choi Siwon. As handsome as ever.


That's Huo An (Jackie Chan) and his team, the Silk Road Protection Squad
Huo An (Jackie Chan), the Commander of the Silk Road Protection Squad and his trusted subordinate Yin Po (Choi Si-won)


When Jackie Chan introduced his movie, he explained how there were many challenges faced in the filming, especially that of getting the Caucasian children (cast) to cooperate. I can imagine the language barriers and the difficulty faced as I have been involved in filming before. I asked myself why did he choose such a setting then? 明知道不容易,何必自找麻烦?

As I watched the plot unveil in front of me, I understood why. It had to do with the geographical location of the Silk Road. The storyline was a very heartwarming one that involved the aspiration of Huo An and how he wanted to maintain the peace between 36 warring nations. In some ways he reminded me of a self sacrificial person who placed the importance of his ideology before his life. To him, power, authority and riches were not important but unfortunately for him, others valued all the above highly. 

The movie has the typical traits of a Jackie Chan movie. You can expect all the action, the dodging and funny movements that Jackie Chan is well known for. It will definitely be a good watch, expect nothing but the best, be it the visuals, the music or the action. If there is something more about this one, you can expect yourself to feel involved in the show as it reaches out to your emotions. The beauty of harmony and teamwork is one that is understated and never ceases to amaze. Watch it, you have to! 

Movie Review of 冲上云霄, Triumph in the Skies

Disclaimer: Non-sponsored post

I would begin with the trailer of the movie but apparently the cast of the movie is what will attract us to watch it. Introducing some of the cast...

For all you fans of 张智霖,here is a photograph of him

张智霖 and 佘詩曼 making their appearance on the red carpet

Them addressing their fans and the audience at the red carpet

That's the two of them again addressing their audience in the cinema

With these photos for all you fans out there, let's move on to the movie proper. Here is the trailer:


Basically, this movie came about from its drama which I fortunately haven't followed. Why? Friends who have followed the drama have let on that this movie was disappointing with their knowledge of the dramas. For me, it was a decent romantic story that is typical of all HK movies, predictable plot and in this case some would even venture to say that there wasn't much of a plot. It tells the stories of three guy pilots falling in love and their individual love stories strung up together. I mean it is so duh that Sam would eventually run into TM whom he offended just a while back in the movie.

In some sense the pilot uniform was there to make the actors look cooler, as the nickname of 张智霖's character, Captain Cool hints, not that he needed the uniform to look good. Right? His die heart fans would certainly still catch this movie despite the pretty monotonous story line.

If there was anything worth highlighting about this movie, it might be the filming techniques and the use of pretty romantic venues. For me, my focus was on how they filmed the scenes rather than what is happening next because it's a love story, make it 3 love stories and we know they will end up living happily ever after no matter what happens. The scenery was pretty stunning for various scenes and it helped in creating the romantic atmosphere for the couples.

So should you watch this movie? It's pretty so-so in my opinion and if you have something else on your list of to-watch, go ahead. You can catch this online or as an alternative, of course unless you really want to see your idol in action. 

The movie will be screening in cinemas on the 19 February 2015.